trip to Istanbul

29 mai 2011

Trip to Istanbul


just a brief blog to mention our trip to Istanbul...We had just a WE which is too short, but this was our second time in the city. For a first visit you need minimum 4 days. To understand Istanbul it is good to have seen Rome before. A lot is linking the two cities....

First night after arrival at the airport we had choose a hotel in Sultanhammet, center of the city on the first hill. Best western, nice price nice quality of service and directly on the spot. We had a nice dinner in typical turkish restaurant next to Topkapi palace. 

After Breakfast we had a regular tour on the blue mosque, Sofia hagia, the citerne and went to the bazaar. After we stayed at a hamam for a turkish bath at Suleymaniye:

At night we went for a cruise on Bosphore, nice bit too touristic but nice:

Next day we went up the golden horn, to Eyup and Pierre Loti cafe, nice view on Istanbul. After we had a trip for lunch in Gallata quater, this is the modern Istanbul..with old markets..nice contrasts.

Comming back, we wanted to see dervish turners dance, quite impressive and a must to see in Istanbul. We booked at this adress: but surprise the show was canceled without any warning so we changed the booker with:

For dinner we went to Asitane: quite nice but the service was not at the level of the kitchen. Some good restaurants are as well: and

Next day, just before departure we went by Tram to Modern Art museum in Istanbul: COOL-

After a nice walk back to the hotel, we left for the airport- This was Istanbul express, cool city with a look of extremes but a lot of charm. 

See you

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